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Sculpting in Stone by John Valentine
3 Star

Sculpting in Stone aims to give a thorough grounding and knowledge of this ancient craft. Looking at various types of rock (from sandstone to marble) and their suitability for specific projects, examining the tools needed, their purpose and uses, and creating a safe and suitable environment to work in. The projects are well illustrated and each one introduces specific skills, such as using tools correctly, texturing the surface, drawing the outline of the sculpture, gauging the depth of the relief to be carved, carving letters, or how to cut away large volumes of stone.    View Details

Arts and Crafts of Napoleonic and American POW's: 1756 -1816 by Clive Lloyd
0 Star

Whilst many books have been published about war, the role of the prisoner of war has been largely ignored or paid scant attention. This book aims to correct this imbalance, and is the result of the author's quest over thirty years into this almost-forgotten field of history. Tells of the various wars that saw the men, from many different countries, become prisoners. Tales of individuals and their voyages, mutinies, fortunes and failures also feature, adding more personal touches to the history and conditions on board that the prisoners would have had to endure.    View Details

The Potter's Guide to Ceramic Surfaces by Jo Connell
5 Star

This practical directory details a comprehensive range of decoration techniques, from processes at the raw clay stage (including textures, moulds and painting) to underglaze decoration, special glaze firings and alternative firing techniques. Designed for both the novice and the experience potter, this guide will inspire and encourage potters to explore new techniques and combine them in a fresh and creative way.    View Details

World Art And Crafts Vol.1
0 Star

Informative guide to creating multi-cultural art projects. Projects include gope board, sand paintings, canopic jars, janus masks, x-ray painting, Greek vases, African masks, Indian shields and more.    View Details

World Art And Crafts Vol.2
0 Star

Projects include: amate bark painting, Chinese dragon, false face mask, mola, Navajo Indian blanket, oaxacon foil animal, Papunya dot painting, plains Inidian animal skin and vest, reliquary figure, sand mandala and stained glass.    View Details
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