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Baby and Toddlers


Feeding Your Baby and Toddler by Annabel Karmel
5 Star

This best-selling guide to feeding your baby and toddler is now in paperback. The link between the food children eat and their health is widely recognised today. Armed with this easy-to-use cookbook, discover how to prepare enticing food to give your child the best start in life. Cook up over 200 delicious recipes, from healthy breakfasts and tempting food for fussy eaters, to lunchbox ideas and meals for the whole family to share. Full of delicious recipes, which kids are sure to adore.    View Details

The Toddler Book: How to Enjoy Your Growing Child by Rachel Waddilove
0 Star

Author of the highly acclaimed and bestselling The Baby Book here takes parents on the next stage of the journey years two and three. A great believer in consistent, loving but firm discipline, Rachel Waddilove offers practical wisdom and refreshing common sense for all areas of the toddler's life.    View Details

Your Toddler Month by Month (Hardcover) by Tanya Byron
3 Star

Gives you the know-how to understand your toddler's needs and adapt your parenting style accordingly to each stage of development. From toilet training to the 'terrible twos', enjoying play to preparing for nursery school, with invaluable advice on tantrums, routines and establishing boundaries, Dr Tanya Bryon tells you everything you need to know, month by month, to raise a happy confident child. Find out what works best for you and your child - and turn your 'terrible two' into a little angel.    View Details

The Happiest Baby On The Block DVD
5 Star

Dr. Harvey Karp demonstrates the technique which he claims 'switches off' a baby's crying, The Claiming Reflex.    View Details

Yoga Kids 3 - Silly To Calm For Ages 3-6 DVD
5 Star

Yoga for kids designed to harness energy into 'fitness' play.    View Details
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