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Banking and Finance


Investment Banking Explained: An Insider's Guide to the Industry by Michel Fleuriet
5 Star

This book offers insider guidance to the modern world of investment banking today. In "Investment Banking Explained", Wharton professor and global financier Michel Fleuriet provides a complete overview of investment banking in its modern form; defines key terms; identifies structures, strategies, and operational aspects; and analyzes the strategy in each of the main functional areas of an investment bank.    View Details

Introduction to Banking (Paperback)by Barbara Casu
5 Star

Provides a comprehensive introduction to theoretical and applied issues relating to the global banking industry. The text is organised into four main Sections: Introduction to Banking; Central Banking and Bank Regulation; Issues in Bank Management and Comparative Banking Markets. This book is suitable for all undergraduate students taking courses in banking. It is also great background reading for postgraduate students.    View Details

Business Knowledge for IT in Retail Banking: Handbook for IT Professionals
5 Star

An overview of Retail banking; recent trends in Retail banking; business environment in Retail Banking; major players in Retail banking; common systems used in Retail banking; and, the future of IT and business in Retail banking. Latest innovations in business and IT in the Retail banking industry in the book include SEPA, The Faster Payment Initiative , Business Process Automation, Islamic Banking, SWIFT for Corporates, Banking in the Virtual World , Customer Analytics and more.    View Details
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Essentials of Banking by Deborah K. Dilley
0 Star

This text presents a useful and lively treatment of the business of banking in one handy volume. "Essentials of Banking" explores the regulatory, business, and people facts of the business of banking in a rapidly expanding world. With an emphasis on the challenges of banking in a highly regulated, profit centric, and people driven business, this is an excellent resource for traditional bankers, online bankers, or professionals from any industry with a need to understand the business of banking.    View Details

All You Need to Know About the City by Christopher Stoakes
5 Star

No matter whether you work in them or are an interested bystander, the international markets affect you. But few people understand how they work or what the principal players do. This book demystifies them using very simple language. It's designed for people in front-line fee-earning roles as well as mid-office and back office staff. Aimed at people in their first jobs as bankers, brokers, fund managers, lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, surveyors, actuaries, PRs, recruiters and headhunters.    View Details

Note: This page is for the display only of books about banking, finance and investments, published and sold by other companies. This website is designed to provide and display general information only and does not attempt to give advice on any investment or to recommend any investment of any kind. Please consult your broker or bank manager before taking financial decisions that will affect your savings or income.

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