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Bathroom and Kitchen Design


50 Great Kitchens: By Architects by Aisha Hasanovic
5 Star

In the lifetime of a single house or apartment, the kitchen can undergo countless renovations. Many a homeowner has dismissed a purchase owing to an outdated kitchen, yet despite this need to move with the times the kitchen remains a warm and nurturing place, where food is being served, and family and friends gather after a day at work or school to discuss the day just passed. Colourful photography and personal quotes portray the kitchens within the context of their surrounding rooms.    View Details

Bathroom Installations: A Complete Guide - Planning, Managing & Completing
5 Star

Those wanting to update their homes, either by refurbishing their existing bathrooms, or by installing an additional bathroom, or a cloakroom, have often found it a very complex business and have had difficulty in obtaining practical, well-informed, independent advice. Richard Moss has over thirty years experience in the bathroom and kitchen industry. During this time he has been involved in drawing up specifications for, and planning, many new bathrooms.    View Details

100 Great Kitchens and Bathrooms: By Architects by Andrew Hall
0 Star

This title features a stunning collection of recent interior projects examining the vast array of styles adopted by architects around the world, particularly in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Slovenia and Brazil, in the search for that perfect balance between luxury and function. This book includes full-colour photography and descriptions of each design by the architects themselves, providing a unique insight into the craft of the featured architects.    View Details
 Design Software for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Home Design Studio (Mac) by Avanquest ~ Software Platform: Mac OS X
5 Star

Intuitive interface and simple tools for quick learning curve. Cutting-edge technology creates breathtaking 3D views with controllable sun angle and shadows. Unique power tools allow designing and editing from within the program. Logically presented toolsets keep your workspace clutter-free. Punch! files can be shared between Mac and PC platforms. Powerful home, landscape, and deck design tools for the Mac. Design in 2D, view in 3D. A fun way to get serious design results fast.    View Details

Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer 8.0 (PC) by Chief Architect
0 Star

Home Designer is our entry level title that can help you with the basics to design, remodel or add landscaping to your home. With the Design Planning Center's expert design tips and a library of over 4,000 items you can create your perfect design. There are 500 sample plans all of which allow you to create a virtual walk-through of your home. The program enables you to easily visualize your project in 3D.
Software Platform: Windows Vista / XP / 2000    View Details
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Plan Your Bathroom: Hundreds of Design Combinations by L Mack

Kitchen Culture: Re-inventing Kitchen Design by Johnny Grey

Ultimate Bathroom Design by Alejandro Bahamon

Detail in Contemporary Kitchen Design by Virginia McLeod
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