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Ultimate Natural Beauty Book: 100 Gorgeous Beauty Products by J Fairley
5 Star

Have you ever wondered exactly what you are putting on your skin with your everyday cosmetics? If you care about what you eat then you'll want to be just as particular about your skin and haircare. Josephine Fairley, the hugely experienced beauty expert, offers 100 per cent natural cosmetics that you can easily make at home. And you don't have to be a whizz in the kitchen or own a huge kitchen garden - these are simple recipes with ingredients that you could buy or grow yourself.    View Details

The Green Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Being Naturally Gorgeous
5 Star

63 per cent of us have sensitive skin, mainly due to cosmetics and our environment and so never has there been a more timely moment to look at the more natural beauty products on the market. The authors discuss all the relevant topics including what healing plants to use for your skin type, 10 natural ways to boost your immune system, how to look after your hair more naturally as well as presenting their Green Goddesses featuring Alicia Silverstone, Liz Earle and Scheherazade Goldsmith and others.    View Details

1001 Little Beauty Miracles: Secrets and Solutions, from Head to Toe
5 Star

These top-to-toe tips will help you make small changes to your beauty regime that reap big benefits, both in the way you look and how you feel. With direct remedies for beauty problems as well as advice on everything from getting perfectly groomed nails to battling cellulite, "1001 Little Beauty Miracles" offers short, simple ways to improve and maintain your natural good looks. All the tips are astonishingly easy to follow and focus on short, quick beauty secrets and remedies.    View Details

Make Me Up ~ DVD
0 Star

Carolyn Roper presents this informative programme about giving yourself a makeover.    View Details

Your Make-Up Simple Steps To Amazing Looks DVD ~ Lutz Wesemann
0 Star

The first makeup DVD that has it all. Three of the world's top celebrity Makeup Artists KAREN KAWAHARA - JOANNA SCHLIP - LUTZ WESEMANN have created the ultimate guide to makeup, shattering the myth of "celebrity only" looks. This instructional DVD helps you achieve not just a new look, but the right look for your face or skin type. Without endorsing any cosmetic brand, the Artists apply their unique skills and reveal their best kept secrets while guiding you step by step to amazing looks.    View Details
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