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Chambers Card Games by Peter Arnold
5 Star

A wide-ranging selection of almost 100 card games: setting out the rules, explaining how to play and offering strategies and hints. Clear and concise, this new fully-illustrated collection is authoritative yet – as importantly – great fun. There’s a glossary, a history of card games, advice on card-playing etiquette and information on playing cards on the Internet. Find the card game you’re after with the useful list of alternative names, or use the number of players index to find a game for every occasion.    View Details

The Art of Magic by Nicholas Einhorn
5 Star

Magic is an age-old art form, which has the power to amaze and amuse both children and adults alike. This illustrated guide includes over 100 amazing magic tricks to be used on a variety of different occasions. It offers simple tricks as well as some designed for the more advanced practitioner, all supported by step-by-step instructions and comprehensive definitions of terms.    View Details

How to Do Magic Tricks by Nicholas Einhorn
0 Star

Details of 120 tricks, including: Card Magic: How to grip, shuffle and control cards, how to force cards, do self-working tricks and perform advanced card flourishes. Dinner Table Magic, Match Magic, String, Cord and Rope Magic, Mind Magic, Silk, Thimble and Paper Magic and Money Magic. Basic techniques such as palming and vanishing, and many tricks to perform with both coins and banknotes. Over 1,100 step-by-step colour photographs.    View Details

Chip Tricks And Card Stunts DVD
0 Star

World class magician and poker player Rich Ferguson blows the lid off 110 of the hottest stunts and tricks around. Easy to follow step-by-step demonstrations teach you sleight of hand, no matter your age or skill level.    View Details

David Penn - Street Magic Secrets DVD
0 Star

Amaze your friends with the astonishing Street Magic Secrets DVD. Urban magic at its best. The DVD features British Champion of Illusion, David Penn, performing incredible tricks on unsuspecting members of the public. David then takes you back into the studio to show you the secrets and skills needed to perform every one of the tricks featured in the film. Join British Champion Of Illusion David Penn for this fascinating look at magic, enabling you to learn and perform his tricks yourself.    View Details
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101 Amazing Card Tricks
by Bob Longe

The Book of Cards for Kids
by Gail MacColl

Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends by Pete Firman

The Penguin Book of Card Games by David Parlett
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