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Vintage Vehicles


A-Z British Cars 1945-1980 (Hardcover) by Graham Robson
4 Star

The largest and most detailed encyclopaedic study ever produced of all the models of cars produced by British manufacturers in the period. Just over 700 individual models are covered in text entries totalling more than 250,000 words. Full specifications and performance figures are given, along with production numbers and dates. All the entries are illustrated with contemporary photographs from the archives - overall views, model variants, interiors, dashboards, engine bays, and cars rallying or racing.    View Details

Classic Motorcycling: A Guide for the 21st Century (Paperback) by Rex Bunn
5 Star

A fascinating new look at classic motorcycling with an international flavour - sure to appeal to all owners of classic bikes. "Classic Motorcycling" is about buying, riding and maintaining classic motorcycles. From choosing the right bike, training for today's traffic, clothing, safety, maintenance, how and where to buy those all important spares, equipping a workshop, projects to improve most classics to simply experiencing the joy of ownership - its all here.    View Details

The Complete Catalogue of British Cars, 1895-1975 by David Culshaw
5 Star

A comprehensive account of British cars, this book presents a large amount of information - historical as well as technical - in a way which should serve the needs of the dedicated enthusiast and the general reader. Nearly over 700 manufacturers and some 3700 individual models are covered - including technical specification for most cars. A wide selection of photographs feature all the major marques and some minor ones.    View Details

Classic Commercial Vehicles DVD
0 Star

First stop is The Truckfest Vintage Commercial Section at Shepton Mallet Showground, followed by a visit to Yeovil Festival Of Transport Parade Ring. We see everything from small delivery vans to the mighty Scammel, articulated lorries, fire engines, buses, military vehicles and even a Ford Model T pick-up truck. So sit back and enjoy these Classic Commercial Vehicles. A nostalgic look back at the historic commercial vehicle run from London to Brighton and Bournemouth to Bath.    View Details

Vintage Collection - London To Brighton : Commercial Vehicle Road Run 1994
1 Star

Highlights of the London to Brighton Commercial Vehicle Road Run. Includes interviews with the owners.    View Details
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Classic Cars: The Ultimate Book for All Classic Car Enthusiasts

100 Classic Commercial Vehicles DVD

The Ultimate Classic Car Book by Quentin Willson

How to Paint Classic Cars by Martin Thaddeus
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