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Clocks and Watches


Cult Watches: The World's Enduring Classics by Michael Balfour
5 Star

Wristwatches are 'micromarvels' of engineering that attract the attention of collectors, investors and regular wearers alike. "Cult Watches" is a lavishly illustrated account of the world's most popular classic timepieces - the top 30 that have achieved cult status, from the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona and Cartier Tank to Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watches and the 'quartz revolution' Swatches. Watch-industry expert Michael Balfour introduces the great horological innovators and their legacies.    View Details

The Watch (Hardcover) by Gene Stone
5 Star

The world of watches, mixing old and new, the expensive with the economical. Fifty major brands that any watch collector must be familiar with. Essential wisdom on buying, collecting, maintaining and wearing watches is provided. An encyclopedic glossary offers a crash course in watch lore. Best of all are the more than 500 photographs of terrific watches, including remarkable details of dials and movements, and selected for their beauty and diversity from collections around the world.    View Details

Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World by Brian Loomes
5 Star

First compiled in 1929 by the late G.H. Baillie and used ever since by watchmakers, clockmakers, collectors, dealers, museums, historians and libraries the world over. The book went through numerous editions and reprints, and was seldom out of print. The list of makers has more than doubled, having been thoroughly updated and revised by Brian Loomes in this twenty-first century edition, and now contains information on about 90,000 makers working between the late sixteenth and early twentieth centuries.    View Details
 More Books (Repairing Clocks and Watches)

The Clock Repairer's Handbook by Laurie Penman
4 Star

A guide to diagnosing and correcting faults in many different clocks, whether antique of fairly new. There are detailed descriptions of repair methods, including alternative techniques to suit a less well equipped workshop or inexperienced repairer. Many aspects of clock repair are covered, including lathe work, cleaning, bushing, pivoting and mounting, replacing or repairing an escapement, train faults and gears, suspension and crutches, striking and chiming work, lubrication, assembly and testing.    View Details

Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair by Mick Watters
2 Star

Aimed at those who want to learn watch repair, this guide covers the working environment, overhauling basic mechanical watches, stop watches, chronographs, some restoration, and basic quartz watches - both analogue and liquid crystal display. This book is written primarily for students taking up mechanical and quartz watch repairing, but also for the many enthusiasts who wish to take a serious and more professional interest in watch repairing.    View Details
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