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Crockery, Cutlery, Silver and China


Porcelain by Jack Doherty
5 Star

Porcelain, by reputation, is the most difficult of clays to work with, and it demands particular care at all stages of the making and firing process. This work looks at porcelain and its history, and suggests the clays, making methods and surface treatments most suitable, and recommends firing schedules and recipes that can be used when working with it. It also looks at contemporary approaches to employing this material.    View Details

Cutlery: From Gothic to Art Deco - The J. Hollander Collection by Jan van Trigt
0 Star

Cutlery has undergone a considerable evolution. Knives have always been used to cut and spear meat. Spoons were originally only used for serving, and in the west the use of the fork - a custom born in Byzantium which came to Europe via venice - was initially even considered to be ill-mannered! In this unique book of the J. Hollander Collection - the most important in the field - the history of tableware and cutlery is illustrated by over 600 colour plates and hundreds of silver marks.    View Details

European Cutlery Design 1948-2000: The Bauer Collection by W.O. Bauer
0 Star

After WWII, stainless steel was the working material preferred by cutlery designers. Table culture attained a high profile with this new material. The industrialists Hugo Pott, W. Seibel and Philipp Rosenthal played a paramount role in ensuring that it did. "The Bauer Design Collection" boasts fascinating examples revealing bold approaches to form, a supreme achievement in high-gloss steel, innovative, tactile cutlery that is also provocative alongside modern design classics.    View Details
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Warman's Sterling Silver Flatware: Value and Identification Guide by Mark Moran
0 Star

Sterling silver flatware continues to be highly collectible, especially as family collections are passed down to each new generation. In this new standard to sterling silver, noted antique expert Mark Moran lists thousands of sets of sterling, complete with identifying photos and their current prices. He covers pieces from all the major American manufacturers, as well as selected English and European manufacturers in this essential guide to prominent silversmiths, manufacturers and patterns.    View Details

Porcelain and Bone China by Sasha Wardell
0 Star

The beautiful qualities of porcelain and bone china have fascinated patrons, collectors and makers alike for centuries. The two materials are often perceived as one and the same clay, for they both possess qualities of whiteness, strength and translucency. Porcelain is a well-documented subject both in traditional and contemporary terms. Bone china has historically been labelled an 'industrial' material which has narrowed its appeal. Porcelain and Bone China aims to redress the balance.    View Details
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