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Dieting and Weight Loss


The Food Doctor Ultimate Diet: Changing the Way You Eat for Good - I Marber
3 Star

The most comprehensive advice yet to help you eat well and lose weight for good from bestselling Food Doctor, Ian Marber. Change the way you eat, blitz bad habits and lose weight for good with this guide to the best of The Food Doctor. Start with a seven-day diet programme (no calorie-counting) to kick-start your weight loss, then pick up new habits for life with 10 simple Food Doctor healthy eating principles and an easy-to-follow 30 day plan. Motivational case studies prove this plan really works.    View Details

The New High Protein Diet: Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently - C Clark
5 Star

To lose weight quickly, easily and permanently, you don't need- superhuman willpower; endless hours to prepare complex low-calorie recipes; to live on cottage cheese and lettuce. By following this medically-based, yet amazingly accessible diet you will soon program your body to burn fat without ever having to go hungry. The diet is low-carb, but by no means no-carb, and will enable you to: control your appetite; eliminate cravings; eat delicious foods; help protect against heart disease and diabetes.    View Details

The Shangri-la Diet: No-hunger Eat-anything Weight-loss Plan - Seth Roberts
5 Star

Seth Roberts experimented with a whole range of diets before arriving at one which not only worked extraordinarily well, but took the least amount of effort and willpower and worked without deprivation. Based on the principle that you have a weight set-point, which you eat to until you no longer feel hungry, Seth recommends that you have a regular tablespoonful of light olive oil or sugared water between meals to lower your set-point, lower your hunger - and so of course lower your weight.    View Details

Weight Loss Without Diet - Hypnosis By Susan Hepburn DVD
4 Star

Through easy, safe and effective self hypnosis techniques, these methods make it possible for you to achieve your targeted size without relying on traditional methods of dieting. Susan Hepburn's techniques reach your subconscious and through gentle hypnotic sessions she can restore confidence within which enables you to strive to be the slimmer person you have always wanted to be. No more yo-yo dieting, Susan's techniques bring about lasting change whilst producing fantastic results.    View Details

Atkins Diet - Atkins Answer DVD
3 Star

Learn the famous Atkins 14-day weight loss program that has revolutionised the way we think about slimming. Dr. Atkins talks directly to the viewer, from his office, and teaches you how to follow the Atkins Nutritional Approach in your own personal consultation. The DVD lesson is easy to understand and powerfully effective. Now you can "virtually" visit the Atkins Centre whenever you want, and learn how to lose weight the Atkins way.    View Details
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