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Disability Aids and Self Help


Learning Disabilities: Towards Inclusion by Bob Gates
5 Star

This is the authoritative textbook for students of learning disabilities covering a wide variety of topics. It is relevant not only for nursing courses, but also for care workers, OTs, and other professional and non-professional carers. The new edition provides comprehensive coverage of learning disablities throughout a person's life. There are also new contributors, including people with learning disabilities. Each chapter is supported by information on further reading and other resources.    View Details

The A to Z of Learning Disabilities by Carol Turkington; Joseph R. Harris
0 Star

This is an A-to-Z guide to all kinds of learning disabilities, with more than 650 entries. Today, learning disabilities are becoming better understood and more commonly diagnosed. Entries include: adaptive skills, assistive technology, bipolar disorder, child disintegrative disorder, dioxins, early childhood assessment, fetal alcohol syndrome, Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, nonverbal learning disabilities, spasmodic dysphonia, traumatic brain injury, and Williams Syndrome.    View Details

Learning Disability Today: Improving the Lives of People with Disabilities
4 Star

This newly revised edition of "Learning Disability Today" includes key themes such as: person-centred planning and community involvement; communication; advocacy, choice and decision-making; assessing and managing risk; legislative frameworks; direct payments; protection from abuse; sexuality and physical health; challenging behaviour; mental health; autism; older people; managing change, transition and loss; and, parenting.    View Details

10 Minute Solution - Pilates ~ DVD
4 Star

Studies have shown that regular short workouts can be just as effective as less frequent, longer exercise sessions. '10 Minute Solution: Pilates' partitions the body into five different segments, each with a separate workout: Pilates for Abs, Pilates for Buns and Thighs, Sculpting Pilates, Pilates for Burn, and Pilates for Flexibility. Incorporating both standing and mat Pilates, these workouts are high impact and suitable for all levels.    View Details

Leanne Grose - Chair Workout (Disabled Fitness) ~ DVD
5 Star

Leanne's Chair Workout is the fitness DVD solution for anybody wishing to get into shape who doesn't really know where to start! Whether you're an amputee, disabled, overweight, elderly, or simply someone who prefers to sit in a chair whilst doing something positive, this DVD is the workout for you! Shot at the amazing Eden Project in Cornwall, this is a unique idea designed to cater for everybody and utilises all common exercise practices.    View Details
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Disability Rights Handbook by Ian Greaves

Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2008-2009 by C George

Intellectual Disability, Trauma and Psychotherapy by T Cottis

Disability on Equal Terms by John Swain
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