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Drinks and Cocktails


What to Drink with What You Eat: The Definitive Guide to Pairing Food
5 Star

Copley News Service wine columnist, December 16, 2006
"The world's greatest book on the subject."    View Details

The Drink Less Mind: The Truth Behind Overdrinking by Georgia Foster
5 Star

Binge drinking is at epidemic proportions in Britain, not just in the streets but in homes and offices too. Age is no discriminator for overdrinking. Georgia believes alcohol is the symptom, not the cause of heavy drinking and that the desire to drink more than we would like to is an emotional habit. An emotional habit that can be unlearnt! This habit hides stress, anxiety and under-confidence.    View Details

Overcoming Problem Drinking by Marcantonio Spada
4 Star

Many people are aware that they drink too much for their health and well-being but find it very difficult to cut back on alcohol. Drinking to help you feel relaxed in social situations or to unwind after a stressful day are common self-help strategies, but for growing numbers of people drinking excessively on a regular basis leads to very real health, work and relationship problems. In this book, former alcohol counsellor, Marcantonio Spada provides strategies for dealing with excessive drinking.    View Details

Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure: Complete BBC Series 1 & 2 Box Set DVD
5 Star

Wine-writer Oz Clarke (FOOD AND DRINK) and James May (TOP GEAR) present this comedic travelogue. Features all episodes from the show's first series, road-tripping through France, and second series, journeying through the vineyards of California.    View Details

Cocktail Mixing Made Easy DVD ~ Nick Atkinson / Louise Musgrave
0 Star

Award-winning mixologist and world speed cocktail mixing record holder, Paul Martin, show you how to mix some of the most classic cocktails from the greatest bars around the world. Each mix is shown individually and can be accessed easily to be watched again at any time. Over 26 mixes of classic cocktails including the Kentucky Breakfast, Caipirinha, Tequila Sunrise, Long Island Iced Tea, White Lady, Ratch Attack, Lynchburg Lemonade and many more.    View Details
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Diffordsguide Cocktails 7 by Simon Difford
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