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How Children Learn: Educational Theories and Approaches Made Easy
5 Star

How do children learn and why do we teach them the way we do? Educational theorists and psychologists have researched the subject for over 200 years. This book summarises the findings and ideas of famous names such as Montessori and Piaget as well as lesser-known ones such as Dewey and Donaldson. It looks at the theory behind different approaches to early years education - High/Scope, Steiner, the Italian pre-schools of Reggio Emilia and the early years curriculum in New Zealand.    View Details

The "Times" Good University Guide 2009 by John O'Leary
5 Star

How do you find the best university for the subject you wish to study? You need a guide that evaluates the quality of what is available, giving facts, figures and comparative assessments of universities. The Guide takes the key measures of quality as its focus, so you can make informed choices of university and subjects. Still unique and still controversial, the rankings provide hard data, analysed, interpreted and presented by a team of experts. Two pages of information on each university.    View Details

Reflective Teaching 3rd Edition: Evidence-informed Professional Practice
5 Star

"Reflective Teaching" is the definitive textbook for reflective classroom professionalism. It offers exceptional support for trainee teachers, mentors, newly qualified teachers and for those engaged continuing professional development and performance review. Andrew Pollard's "Reflective Teaching" has been established for over twenty years. Each edition builds on that foundation and offers something new.    View Details

Sex Education: The Birds And The Bees! (2-DVD Set) ~ DVD
5 Star

These films, all made for in-school educational purposes, are a collection of the wisdom on teen sexuality that parents wanted to impart to their offspring in the fabulous 50s. Sometimes funny, at other times touching, these clips are a fascinating voyage into a past that it not so different from our present. What it reminds the viewer is that teens were just as confused about their bodies and relationships 50 years ago as they are today. Overall this is a pretty timely collection of film clips.    View Details

Sex Education: Pesky Puberty ~ DVD
5 Star

While attitudes towards teenagers and sex have changed with the times, the cold hard facts of life and sex have stayed the same. No matter what age we live in, teenagers are going to go through some very confusing and embarrassing changes and adults are going to have to find a way to help them understand what is going on with their hormones and their bodies. All of the films on this DVD were shot around the 1950s and are remarkably straightforward. The films are in very good condition.    View Details
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Research Methods in Education by Louis Cohen

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