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Cambridge English for Job-hunting Student's Book with CDs (2) by C Downes
5 Star

A short self-study or classroom course (40-60 hours) for professionals and students who need to apply for jobs in English. Cambridge English for Job-hunting is designed to develop the knowledge and communication skills that job-seekers need to apply for and secure jobs. Ideal for working professionals and those new to the world of employment, the course comprises six standalone units covering core areas such as preparing a CV, writing a cover letter, and answering interview questions.    View Details

Why You? CV Messages To Win Jobs by John Lees
5 Star

Every day thousands of hopefuls send off their badly composed CVs, that donít communicate the right message, in pursuit of jobs they simply donít understand. Choose the right format to match your needs and tailor it to ensure an employer can spot your skills and competencies. The book is founded on extensive research amongst employers which offers fresh insights into the way employers read CVs, the things they love and hate to see and their opinions on how to write an effective CV.    View Details

Think Big and Kick Ass! in Business and Life by Donald Trump
5 Star

This is the first book to truly capture Donald Trump. A man consistently ranked in the Top 100 Richest People in the world, Trump also brings the perspective of an entrepreneur who overcame an extremely public bankruptcy -- all thanks to his unique approach to life and business, "Think big and kick ass!" He's got the biggest personality in business. His trademark line, "You're fired" from The Apprentice is one of America's most instantly recognizable catchphrases.    View Details

Job Interview Skills - Extended DVD & CD ~ Expert's Guide: Interview Skills
5 Star

This DVD is divided into chapters designed to help you: Stand out from the crowd/Make your CV look great/Banish interview nerves/Ensure you are instantly liked/Build rapport/Ask great questions/Breeze past tricky questions/Close the interview with style/Negotiate the best job offer. The Advanced Version has an extra 16 minutes content and a free Audio CD for coaching on the way to interview, making sure you are really prepared for your meeting and banishing any last minute nerves.    View Details

Brilliant CV: What Employers Want to See and How to Say it (Paperback)
5 Star

When you apply for a job, your CV is compared to hundreds of others. You've only got the time it takes the employer to scan the pages to show how brilliant you are. How do you impress them when you don't know what employers are actually looking for? This book tells you what they want to read - and how to write it. This bestselling guide is based on research among employers and recruiters, revealing what they look for and how the recruitment industry operates, and will show you.    View Details
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General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money by J Keynes

Top Answers to 121 Job Interview Questions by Joe McDermott

Going Self-employed: How to Start Out in Business on Your Own

Employment Tribunal Claims: tactics and precedents
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