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Estate Agents and Property Management


How to Avoid Property Tax by Carl Bayley
5 Star

This comprehensive guide is packed full of property tax saving advice presented in a unique, easy to read, style that cannot be found anywhere else. How to Avoid Property Tax is widely regarded by landlords, developers and the media as the tax bible for property investors. The guide will help you pay less income tax and capital gains tax on all your property investments and dealings. The new edition of this bestselling guide contains lots of new tax-saving ideas.    View Details

How to Make a Million From Property (Book & CD) by Gary McCausland
5 Star

Wouldn't it be great if you could go into property developing knowing all the pitfalls in advance and avoid the common errors made by most first time property developers. This opinionated guide will help first timers avoid costly mistakes by arming them with insider advice and knowledge. Turning the property sections in the bookshops upside down, "Make a Million From Property" is packed with the concrete facts from which readers can learn exactly how the best deals are brokered and broken.    View Details

The Champion Real Estate Agent by Dirk Zeller
0 Star

Income is only half of the success equation. Quality of life is the other. Now in The Champion Real Estate Agent, top real estate sales trainer Dirk Zeller shows how to use his proven time management, scheduling, and business management systems to create a stronger work/life balance, whether you're a novice or veteran real estate agent. He also shows you how to dramatically boost sales, build long-term wealth, and achieve greater professional goals than you'd ever thought possible.    View Details

Buying Property In Spain DVD ~ Steven Thomas
0 Star

Learn about buying property in Spain, the problems and pitfalls and how to make that purchase without hitting problems. Taxes, rules and regulations, handy tips and tricks, health and hospitals, pensions and more. If you are thinking of moving to Spain for part of the year or even moving permanently to a place in the sun this disk will prove invaluable. Learn about ID cards, pets, travelling, paperwork, the E111 and much, much more! This is a great, UK specific (and UK produced) DVD, not a US product.    View Details

Beginners Guide To DIY And Gardening ~ 3 x DVD
0 Star

This informative box set includes three programmes on home and garden maintenance; BEGINNERS GUIDE TO GARDENING introduces you to the basic tools and techniques, PLANNING A GARDEN offers tips on how to manage, arrange and develop your garden, and BEGINNERS GUIDE TO DIY is a practical guide to household tasks such as wiring a plug and putting up a shelf.    View Details
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Successful Property Letting -Buy to Let by David Lawrenson

Reader's Digest Home Survey Manual by UK Reader's Digest

Buy, Sell and Move House by Kate Faulkner

Home Information Pack (HIPS Legal Kits) by Peter Ambrose
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