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Financial Services and Money Matters


Starting a Business in Britain: A Comprehensive Guide and Directory
5 Star

Thousands of new businesses are set up each year in Britain, it is a breeding ground for new companies and entrepreneurs. The features include: Deciding if you have what it takes; Researching an idea; Writing a business plan; Raising finance; and Getting your business up and running. This revised and updated edition, including a comprehensive directory of organisations and sources to help you on your way, is indispensable for anyone wishing to branch out on their own.    View Details

The Million-Dollar Financial Services Practice: Becoming a Top Producer
4 Star

This comprehensive book combines marketing, prospecting, sales, and time management techniques into a system that will help readers build a successful and lucrative practice. Mullen gives financial advisors all the tools and guidance they need to: get the appointment, build relationships, convert prospects to client, retain clients, use niche marketing successfully, balance current clients and prospects, increase the products and services each client uses, attract millionaire clients.    View Details

The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World by Niall Ferguson
4 Star

A sweeping survey of money and its many instruments. The author is a fluent interpreter, whether writing of the origins of the hedge fund, the workings of international trade deficits or the securitization of home mortgages - the last of which is the cause of so much current worry. He avoids the aridity of economics without skimping on details, offering lots of bang for the buck. A useful introduction to the world of drachmas, dinars and dollars.    View Details
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Price Management in Financial Services: Smart Strategies for Growth
5 Star

Deregulation has created a competitive market place in which successful providers are becoming increasingly customer centric. Pricing is becoming a major strategic issue, but the majority of providers still use out-dated risk and cost based pricing methods, and have yet to develop a centre of excellence around their pricing processes. 'Price Management in Financial Services' shows how to incorporate the modern techniques of value based pricing in both product design and pricing.    View Details

The Teenager's Guide to Money by Jonathan Self
5 Star

Jonathan Self's user-friendly guide demystifies every aspect of money and money management, covering such critical topics as bank accounts, living on a budget, the dangers of credit cards, and how to cope with money at university. But "The Teenager's Guide to Money" not only addresses crucial money matters for the teenager and young adult, it also looks forward to the key financial decisions that will need to be made once the teenager becomes an ex-teenager. Rich in information and advice.    View Details
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The Ascent Of Money (6-part documentary) [2008 DVD]
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