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Aircraft: The Jet as Art by Walter J. Boyne and Jeffrey S. Milstein
5 Star

Milstein's meticulous large-format photographs of commercial airliners as they take off and land, revealing the beauty and power of these sleek but complex machines. A foreword by Walter J. Boyne helps the reader appreciate these amazing technological wonders, with their incredibly powerful engines that "run for so many thousands of hours that they are more vulnerable to rust than to wear". The book gives technical data on each airplane pictured.    View Details

Aircraft Recognition Guide (Jane's Recognition Guide) by Gunter G. Endres
4 Star

The fully-updated fifth edition of the bestselling guide to the world's aircraft. Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide is the only guide that allows the general public access to information from the world-famous Jane's All the World's Aircraft (first published in 1909), used by international aviation and military organisations and professionals. This revised and fully up-to-date edition is jam-packed with colour photographs and technical data to reflect recent developments in the aviation industry.    View Details

Concorde by Frederic Beniada
5 Star

In January 1976, Air France and British Airways took air transport into the supersonic era. "Concorde" is a celebration of this legendary aircraft and icon to a whole generation. With its exceptional format and full-page photography, this book provides an account of a prodigious aeronautic enterprise and of the technical and human skill needed to ensure that this extraordinary aircraft saw the light of day. The author tells the behind-the-scenes story of an airliner, the like of which we will never see again.    View Details

Secret Aircraft of World War II (4xDVD Box set)
0 Star

This History Channel series uncovers the aircraft that no one knew about. Using specially commissioned computer graphics, previously unseen archive footage and interviews with aviation experts, this series brings back to life the Secret Aircraft of the Second World War. Programe profiling some of the secret aircraft developed and used during World War II, including those used by the Allies, Lutwaffe, Russians and Japanese.    View Details

Secret Superpower Aircraft [Box Set] 4xDVD ~ Secret Superpower Aircraft
0 Star

The four DVD's in this History Channel series look at the aircrafts -developed by global super powers -that have been kept secret for decades; BOMBERS explores the Cold War race between the US and the Soviets. FIGHTERS uncovers the Cold War project to develop tiny 'parasite' fighters. VERTICAL TAKE-OFF explores the development of VTOL. SPYPLANES uncovers the famous U-2 and Blackbird reconnaissance planes and of the bizarre CIA spyplane operation, Project Cherry.    View Details
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