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Carpets and Flooring


Oriental Carpets: A Complete Guide by Murray L., Jr. Eiland
5 Star

'Oriental Rugs - A Complete Guide' is quite reasonably priced for a work of such size, quality, and number of colour plates, especially when written by so eminent an authority as Murray Eiland. With wonderful full color reproductions of the subject, this book is a piece of art in itself. After a wonderful introduction, the chapters are regionally oriented, making it easy to access specific information, or get an in-depth history.    View Details

Oriental Carpet Design: Traditional Motifs, Patterns, Symbols by P.R.J. Ford
5 Star

In this review, the author draws upon his experience in the trade, in order to demonstrate how to recognize the different structural and design features of oriental rugs and carpets. All the types made throughout the Orient - from the Balkans to Peking - are grouped here, not by place of manufacture but by design, illuminating the history of each pattern. The author shows the vital influence of the ethnographic backgrounds of the various carpet-producing centres over all important designs.    View Details

Carpets and Rugs: Instructions for More Than 25 Projects by Sue Hawkins
3 Star

All you need to create beautiful carpets and rugs of all shapes, sizes and designs, whatever the size or period of the house. The historical and style details of each piece are given, with suggestions for where each one could go in the dolls house. There are 25 stitched projects, with several variations and ways of adapting the design. There is a wide selection of canvas sizes and fabrics, with stitches including tent stitch, cross stitch and a variety of other stitches to cater for all abilities.    View Details

How to D.I.Y. - The Complete Series DVD
0 Star

A complete guide to DIY.    View Details

Solutions With Linda Barker - Lighting And Flooring DVD
0 Star

Linda Barker presents a guide to lighting and flooring.    View Details
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Persian Rugs and Carpets: The Fabric of Life by Essie Sakhai

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Stanley Complete Flooring by Larry Johnston
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