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Shoes and Footwear


Vintage Shoes (Hardcover) by Caroline Cox
5 Star

"Vintage Shoes" recounts over 100 years of shoe history, from Andre Perugia's designs for society women in the 1920s to the red-soled shoes from Christian Louboutin favoured by celebrities today. Archive images, stunning photography and specially commissioned photographs of rare period footwear, the most collectible and fabulous footwear designs are showcased, from such luminaries as Salvatore Ferragamo, Charles Jourdan, Roger Vivier, Beth Levine, Vivienne Westwood and Manolo Blahnik.    View Details

Vivienne Westwood Shoes (Hardcover) by Luca Beatrice
5 Star

Well-known British designer Vivienne Westwood has recently been the focus of a major exhibition seen around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the de Young Museum, San Francisco. Her shoes are the sole focus of this timely and splendidly illustrated publication. Color photos of her footwear from 1973-2006.    View Details

The Mode in Footwear: A Historical Survey with 53 Plates by R.Turner Wilcox
0 Star

What shoes were the height of fashion in Paris at the turn of the century? What did Tutankhamen's burial sandals look like? The answers lie in this illustrated compendium covering centuries of footwear, from Egyptian sandals, to Chinese silk wedges used for binding feet, to American Oxfords. Turner's work remains the definitive work on the subject.    View Details
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Therapeutic Footwear: A Comprehensive Guide by Wendy Tyrrell
0 Star

THERAPEUTIC FOOTWEAR: gives authoritative and wide-ranging information to health professionals concerned with the prescribing and fitting of surgical and corrective footwear. All podiatrists will find a knowledge base, an instructional guide and an aid to problem solving. It will also be an invaluable source of information to students, orthotists, pedorthists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other health professionals seeking practical knowledge of this important subject.    View Details

New Shoes: Contemporary Footwear Design (Hardcover) by Sue Huey
0 Star

Showcasing some of the most innovative contemporary footwear designers from across the globe, this book reflects the rich and diverse range of cutting-edge design. It uses specially commissioned photography, never before published sketches, and original design material. Sue Huey is Senior Footwear and Accessories Editor of Worth Global Style Network, the world's leading online trend-forecasting agency and has previously worked as footwear and accessories designer for Escada.    View Details
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Shoes: A History from Sandals to Sneakers by Giorgio Riello

Seductive Shoes: 4 Centuries of Fashion Footwear by J Walford

Shoes: The Complete Sourcebook by John Peacock

Custom Kicks: Personalized Footwear by Kim Smits
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