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The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture and Cabinet Construction
5 Star

This is the ultimate reference work - a graphic step-by-step presentation of basic furniture construction techniques. Expert woodworker Andy Rae brings organisation, enthusiasm and more than 20 years experience of cabinetmaking to this essential book. Readers will acquire a working knowledge of woodworking materials, a higher level of control over their work and tools, and an understanding of basic design principles.    View Details

Scandinavian Modern Home by Elizabeth Wilhide
4 Star

Scandinavian Modern was the most influential design movement of the twentieth century, dominating the international scene in the 1950s and shaping the way we live today. Architects and designers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland - countries that at the time had a combined population no greater than New York City - were responsible for a range of contemporary homes, furniture, textiles, ceramics, glassware and other products that defined an entire approach to modern post-war living.    View Details

Furniture: World Styles from Classical to Contemporary by Judith Miller
5 Star

A glorious encyclopedia from expert Judith Miller, showcasing more than 3,000 years of design. From primitive pieces to elegant modernity, this definitive guide illustrates every style and form, with tips on how to recognise the key elements of each period. Featuring lavish, full-colour photographs throughout. Foreword by furniture designer and manufacturer David Linley.    View Details
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British Furniture: 1600-2000 by Dr Clive Edwards
5 Star

"This inspired concept is the brainchild of an incurably inquisitive historian whose infectious enthusiasm has gained him the cooperation of some heavyweight supporters and contributors to enable the reader to identify the style of a master craftsman, to recognise the difference between good and the finest quality and to have enough general knowledge to get added pleasure when looking at an antique, whether it be in a friend's home, a stately mansion or a museum" John Bly, The Antiques Roadshow    View Details

50 Ways to Paint Furniture: The Easy, Step-by-step Way to Decorator Looks
0 Star

Most decorative painting books on the market are oriented toward the crafter rather than the home-decorating enthusiast. This book is designed to appeal to the home improvement audience as well. The approach for each project is not to create art on furniture, but to create decorative furniture for the home that does not require the artistic skill and daunting materials that more craft oriented furniture-painting techniques require. Complete step-by-step photography for 50 unique paint techniques.    View Details
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Sourcebook of Modern Furniture by J Habegger

Classic English Design and Antiques: Style and Furnishings

Bespoke: Source Book of Furniture Designer Makers

Making Furniture: Projects and Plans by Mark Ripley
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