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Fitness and Health by Brian J. Sharkey
5 Star

This work is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, fitness professionals and course adoptions. "Fitness & Health" is a comprehensive guide covering fitness, nutrition and weight management in a digestible format. Written for people of all ages, this book is aimed at those who want to develop a deeper understanding of fitness and health. It teaches the reader how to improve their health, allowing them to design their own fitness programmes and maintain them in the long-term.    View Details

The Fitness Instructor's Handbook: A Complete Guide to Health and Fitness
5 Star

Fitness Professionals: The Fitness Instructor's Handbook is the essential guide for anyone working in, or wishing to enter, the fitness industry. It covers every component of the industry standards for both level 2 and 3 qualification, and offers the perfect blend of theory and practice on every aspect of health and fitness. The book has been written with the specific needs of trainers in mind - it covers every aspect of the theory and places it in a practical context.    View Details

Men's Health: The Body You Want in the Time You Have by Myatt Murphy
5 Star

For most people, the hardest hurdle to overcome in following a fitness regimen is simply finding the time to do it. But, as this book shows, it is possible to burn fat, build muscle, and stay fit - no matter how much (or little) time one has! That's the promise fitness expert Myatt Murphy makes in this fantastic new exercise guide - the first book that offers a wide range of workouts catered to any schedule. Workouts are organised by how many days a week individuals have to exercise.    View Details

Rosemary Conley - Fitness Triple Pack DVD ~ Rosemary Conley
5 Star

This 3-DVD box set includes the titles: Ultimate Body Workout, Five-Day Fat Burner and Fat Attack. Rosemary Conley is the UK's leading diet and fitness expert with over 33 years' experience of helping people lose weight and get fit. Rosemary was the diet and fitness expert with ITV's "This Morning", Britain's premier morning show, for seven years. The award-winning publication, Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness magazine has more than half a million readers and became market leader in its sector.    View Details

Get Fit Kids Vol.1 - Hustle Bustle, Move Your Muscles DVD ~ Get Fit Kids
5 Star

Meet JoJo - Jo Jo is a little shy. He is a fun loving bear who loves to exercise, but he sometimes needs a little encouragement. Jo Jo loves to exercise his arms and legs so he can hustle-bustle-move his muscles. Jo Jo knows were his bicep, tricep, and quadriceps muscles are. He loves to play around and Hustle-Bustle get fit!    View Details
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