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Keeping Bees and Making Honey (Paperback) by Alison Benjamin
5 Star

Beekeeping - from finding your bees to getting them home, housing them, collecting honey and using their produce. It includes a detailed look at the history of bees and beekeeping, and an extensive introduction to help you to fully understand your bees and keep them happy. Whether you have a tiny balcony or acres of land; live in the middle of a city or in the countryside surrounded by flowers, this book caters for every situation, discussing the different types of hive available for every eventuality.    View Details

Railway Signalling and Track Plans (Paperback) by R.J. Essery
5 Star

As the technology available to model railway enthusiasts, in particular Digital Command Control, becomes more sophisticated, so the need for ever more accurate track plans and signalling becomes all the more important. With the publication of this book, modellers can find the track plan information they need. Comprehensive and highly detailed, this title will be essential reading for all those endeavouring to recreate in miniature the great days of Britain's railways.    View Details

Stirling and Hot Air Engines: An Insight into Building and Designing
5 Star

Hot air engines, often called Stirling engines, are among the most interesting and intriguing engines ever to be designed. They run on just about any fuel, from salad oil and hydrogen to solar and geothermal energy. They produce a rotary motion that can be used to power anything, from boats and buggies to fridges and fans. This book demonstrates how to design, build, and optimise Stirling engines. A broad selection of engines is described, giving an insight into the many different types.    View Details
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Hobby Games: The 100 Best by James (ed) Lowder (Author)
5 Star

In Hobby Games: The 100 Best, the top designers, authors and publishers in the hobby games field write about the most enjoyable and cleverly designed games of the last 50 years. Their essays cover the spectrum of the hobby market, from role-playing games to collectible card games, miniatures games to wargames to board games, with titles both familiar and esoteric. Writers include Gary Gygax, Richard Garfield and Larry Harris, creator of Axis and Allies; and other best-selling game designers.    View Details

S.E.W. Sew Everything Workshop (Spiral-bound) by Diana Rupp
5 Star

From buying the right machine, setting up, introducing fabrics, colour theory, buying vintage fabric on eBay, the art of pattern cutting. From best posture to seam allowances, buttonholes, zippers, and hand-sewing. Then comes the fun: 25 amazing projects, 8 with patterns included, all handled with clear, step-by-step instructions - gingham wrap skirt, gauchos, drawstring pants, silky top, downtown hobo/laptop bag, patchwork throw, dog sweater, unisex boxers, vintage apron, more.    View Details
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