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"Time Out" London for Londoners by Emma Howarth
4 Star

The source book for anyone who lives in London or might like to try life in the capital. Borough by borough, "Time Out" takes you through the London that tourists don't see. Each area is dissected, by way of facts and figures (council tax, transport, schools, house prices, rents and so on) and by amenities (parks, markets, sports facilities, arts venues, play areas). The best restaurants, bars and shops will be featured, from local delis and cafes to buzzing restaurants and chi-chi boutiques.    View Details

The "Times" Holiday Handbook by Cath Urquhart
5 Star

A really thorough and useful book on how to travel. Packed full of useful information on everything from your rights as a traveller (and what to do if it goes wrong) to practical information on trains, planes, insurance and hotels; and tips on how to be a greener traveller. Cath Urquhart, a hugely experienced travel expert and journalist, has managed to combine practical travel know-how with humorous anecdotal information which makes this book a totally readable, must-have travel bible.    View Details

Going to Live in New Zealand: Your Guide to Life and Work by Mathew Collins
2 Star

This book is written by professionals, expert in assisting those wanting to emigrate to New Zealand. Originally from that country, Mathew Collins has many years' experience assisting individuals, families and companies in preparing and processing successful visa applications. This is the 2nd edition, revised and updated practical, one-stop guide, which gives you essential information and advice to successfully complete your relocation.    View Details
 Weekend Breaks

"Time Out" Weekend Breaks in Great Britain and Ireland -Time Out Guides Ltd
0 Star

Thirty different destinations cover some of the country's most beautiful, characterful and interesting areas, all visited and researched by our team of writers. Breaks include the coast (stretches of seaside, isolated marshes, sophisticated resort towns), rural retreats (from the Cotswolds to Scotland), towns and cities (including up-for-it Brighton and Manchester) and our pick of the latest boutique hotels and spas.    View Details

The Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain by Reader's Digest
5 Star

Discover Britain as you've never known it before, with "Amazing Places to Visit in Britain". "Reader's Digest" have chosen the 1,000 most amazing places in Britain to feature in this book. From castles, cathedrals, stately homes and natural wonders to power stations, bellfoundries and even a water tower, this book reflects the diversity of fascinating places that Britain has to offer.    View Details
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