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Home Improvements, DIY, Self Build and House Repairs


Self Build: Design and Build Your Own Home by Julian Owen
5 Star

Essential reference for all selfbuilders. This book looks like joining that select band of essential references for selfbuilders everywhere. This book, written by an experienced self build architect provides practical, step-by-step advice and guidance on how to build your own high quality, stylish home. Aimed at those who aspire to live in a tailor-made home that expresses their own style because existing houses for sale are either too dull or expensive, but who are daunted by the prospect.    View Details

You Can Do It: The Complete B&Q Step-by-Step Book of Home Improvement
5 Star

Easy-to-follow guide to just about every job you could wish to do... clean visuals, good graphics and well-written explanations. The UK's biggest, brightest and definitive home reference volume, now revised and brought right up to date, is packed with easy-to-follow advice and invaluable tricks of the trade from more than seventy experts.    View Details

Green Up!: An A-Z of Environmentally Friendly Home Improvements
0 Star

Green Up! is a compact reference guide to greening your house, from minor improvements such as what paint to use to major ones, such as how to choose and install solar electric panels. Structured in A-Z format, each entry lists an area for greening your house, and then describes the options available, the costs, risks and problems, as well as sources of information and advice. Packed with practical, no-nonsense advice, Green Up! offers something for householders in every income bracket.    View Details
 Home Improvement Book Set

Loft Conversion Manual (Hardcover) by Ian Rock
5 Star

Loft conversions are a great way to add valuable living space to your home and significantly boost your property's value. But creating new rooms in your roof can mean making major structural alterations, and raises important questions. How can you tell if your loft is suitable for conversion? How much of the project can you do yourself? Expert guidance is now available in the "Loft Conversion Manual", which explains the whole process in plain English and step-by-step colour photographs.    View Details

Home Extension Manual: Planning, Managing and Building a Project
5 Star

Thousands of homes are extended each year, but 'getting the builders in' can be a recipe for disaster unless you really know what you are doing. Whether you plan to employ a building contractor or tackle some of the works yourself, this comprehensive manual will show you how to stay firmly in control, resulting in a high-quality extension, completed on time and within budget. From foundations through to snagging and completion, this step-by-step guide will cut out the stress and trauma of extending your home.    View Details

The Eco-house Manual: Environmentally Friendly Improvements to Your Home
5 Star

Covers every aspect of domestic renovation from heating and electrical systems through to building materials and outdoor space. Whether you want to work out the payback period on a wind turbine or lookup the most eco-friendly floor covering, all information is presented in a clear and practical format with colour photography throughout. Up-do-date information about renewable sources of power, with step-by-step projects for the home and garden. An invaluable resource for all home owners.    View Details
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