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Health Issues, Medical Matters and Health Care


Essential Medical Textbook Value Package by P Kumar, R Drake, H Rang
5 Star

Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk, this Essential Medical Science pack contains three of the very best core textbooks - Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine (6th edition with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access), Gray's Anatomy for Students (with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access) and Rang & Dale's Pharmacology (6th edition with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access). This exclusive pack provides all the essentials at a great price.    View Details

Garden Your Way to Health and Fitness by Bunny Guinness
5 Star

It's no secret that working in the garden is an all-around health booster: along with the emotional rewards gardeners glean from carving out a bit of personal space in the sunshine, all of those hours spend weeding, raking, digging, and lifting serve to increase stamina, build muscle tone, and burn calories. Yet often gardeners complain of aches and pains because their bodies are thrown off balance, and sometimes even seriously injured, by the bending, lifting, and kneeling that gardening involves.    View Details

Fitness and Health by Brian J. Sharkey and Steven E. Gaskill
5 Star

This work is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, fitness professionals and course adoptions. "Fitness & Health" is a comprehensive guide covering fitness, nutrition and weight management in a digestible format. Written for people of all ages, this book is aimed at those who want to develop a deeper understanding of fitness and health. It teaches the reader how to improve their health, allowing them to design their own fitness programmes and maintain them in the long-term.    View Details

Davina - Super Body Workout DVD ~ Davina McCall
5 Star

Hello! I’m back and fitter than ever, and this is all thanks to my new Super Body Workout DVD. My personal trainer Mark is an ex-Marine, and runs my workouts like a real Sergeant Major, so we decided that military–style fitness training would be a great concept for the DVD. It’s fun and pacy, full of variety and gets the very best results. Each routine is completely self-contained and designed to work your whole body. There are two complete 40 minute routines for you to do – so no excuses!    View Details

Musculoskeletal Examination: Clinical Exams DVD Series - DVD ~ A. Syrimis
5 Star

Physical examination and clinical diagnosis is the next step after the core subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Differential Diagnosis. Acquiring effective and safe clinical skills is perhaps the most important stage in the clinician's progression from theory to application. This unique ground-breaking presentation harnesses the use of technology to develop a visual tool that stimulates and enhances learning.It provides an animated review of anatomy and physiology.    View Details
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