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Health and Wellness MP3's to de-stress and heal

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Stop Bedwetting MP3 - Does your child need help with bedwetting?

Bedwetting can take a huge emotional toll on children who feel they can't control their bodies. Anyone who has a child that wets the bed knows only too well what embarrassment, shame and reduced confidence is experienced by the child. This MP3 will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective self help way for your child to eliminate this problem. Visit our Yippee! I'm Dry All Night page for more details.
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The Cord Cutting Meditation MP3 - Cutting the Cords of Attachment

Etheric Cords are energetic links between you and other people. Removing these energy cords brings a sense of relief, releases tension and pressure from relationships and allows you to re-establish them on a new level. This MP3 will provide a safe and effective way to deal with these cords, restore your life and take back your personal power. The Cord Cutting Technique.
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The Healers Self Healing Meditation - "Invoking The Healing Power Within"

Your Own Self Healing Health Plan. The gentle way to a new you. For burned out, stressed out, emotionally tired therapists, healers, carers, medical practitioners and health care professionals. Healers and carers often find themselves in great difficulty when they reach a state of exhaustion. The simple solution to help you get back the strength, health and enthusiasm you had when you started, and KEEP IT! More...
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The Healing Power of Laughter - Chuckle Your Way to Health and Happiness

You can't bottle laughter and sell it, thank goodness, otherwise some would try to patent it and restrict our use of it. But you can take this laughter medicine and improve your sense of wellbeing. Laughter is a simple cure for many ill's and problems and I offer you your laughter prescription on MP3. An interesting concept! Happiness is not something done TO you. It is something YOU create and then share with others.
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The Miracle of Self Healing Meditation - a 10 minute energy technique

We are becoming conscious of how multi-dimensional our body systems are and how we actively participate in the health of every bone, muscle, nerve and cell in our bodies, by the thought forms we hold in our heads. That means we have it in our power to change things for the better through our intention. The Self Healing Energy technique is quick to learn and easy to do.
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Stop Smoking Today - The Easy Way

Smokers across England will be left out in the cold this winter as the ban on smoking in enclosed public places begins. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have similar bans in place. Don't put it off any longer, start to reverse the health issues associated with smoking and have a positive effect on your health. For more information, visit our Stop Smoking Now page.
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Preoperative Anxiety Help and Healing - Treat Your Pre-Surgery Stress

Due for an operation? Get help and relief for surgery anxiety! This MP3 will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective self help way of reducing preoperative anxiety for patients going through the trauma of surgery anywhere on the body. The sooner you start listening to your MP3 prior to surgery, the more effective it is going to be. Visit our Pre-Surgery Meditation page for more details.
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 This product is a DVD, not an MP3

The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Technique
Help and effective relief for sinusitis sufferers! Rapid, Pain Free Relief from Sinus Congestion and Lymphatic Congestion. Reduce Sinus Congestion, Lymphatic Congestion, Headaches, Face Pain and Migraine FAST, naturally and without medication! Visit our Sinus and Lymphatic Drainage Technique page.
"Phil, that sinus tapping thing you've got online is just GREAT!!" Jeanette Fisher - Australia
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