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Printing Techniques


The All New Print Production Handbook by David Bann
5 Star

Every aspect of print production is covered in this insightful and revealing book. Areas covered include digital workflow, colour management, font and image usage, file formats, proofing, paper selection, printing techniques, post-production, distribution and much more besides. "The All New Print Production Handbook" is more than just another print book; it is the bible of print production for industry professionals and students alike, and should have a place on every enthusiast's bookshelf.    View Details

Basics Design: Print and Finish by Gavin Ambrose
5 Star

An introduction to a variety of printing techniques, such as letterpress and litho as well as a range of finishing techniques, including varnishing and embossing. Printed on a series of seven different paper stocks allowing the reader to see the results that can be achieved from creative stock selection. Demonstrates advanced printing techniques via the use of three special colours to show how metallic, fluorescent and pastel inks can be used to great effect.    View Details

Lotta Prints: How to Print with Anything, from Potatoes to Linoleum
5 Star

Beloved Scandinavian designer Lotta Jansdotter shows how easy it is to print on fabric and paper using stencils, rubber stamps, homemade screens, found objects, and other easy techniques. Beautiful photographs inspire while step-by-step instructions and illustrations explain the basics. Plus, Lotta's included ready-to-use stencil pages of her hand-drawn patterns so crafters can easily achieve her signature style.    View Details
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Black & White Photography in a Digital Age: Darkroom and Printing Techniques
4 Star

The digital revolution has made the experience of producing prints quicker and cleaner, but tends to assume that you are always dealing with colour photographs. This book explains how black-and-white photography is not only possible using digital technology but actually allows greater flexibility and creativity than ever before. It covers the basics of scanning, manipulation and printing, as well as demonstrating some of the more advanced techniques that can be achieved in the digital darkroom.    View Details

Start Your Own Screen-Printing Business: A User's Guide
2 Star

Start Your Own Screen-Printing Business provides the mentorship for both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs to obtain a solid step-by-step education on how to silk screen, sell the finished products, utilize available resources, and purchase the best equipment. In conjunction with their family's company, Joan and Anthony Mongiello have relied on their more than twenty years of experience to help more than six thousand people launch and successfully operate their own T-shirt print shops.    View Details
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