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Scotland the Best by Peter Irvine
5 Star

The best places to stay, the best beaches, the best ice-cream, the best hill walks, the best bakers, the best spooky places, the best seafood, the best places for kids, the best ceildhs, and so the list goes on. However well you know Scotland, Peter Irvine will guide you to something excitingly new. Scotland the Best! was first published in 1993. Every recommendation has been reassessed to see whether it is still worthy of inclusion, ensuring that the book continues to live up to its name for excellence.    View Details

The Rough Guide to Scotland by Rob Humphreys
2 Star

"The Rough Guide to Scotland" is your ultimate companion to this stunning country. The full-colour section introduces Scotland's highlights, from the spectacular wildlife of the Hebrides to the deserted golden beaches in South Harris. Explore the cultural quarters of Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as the open spaces of remote glens, windswept Hebridean beaches and architectural masterpieces.The guide takes a detailed look at Scotland's history, literature, politics and culture.    View Details

Scotland by Juliet Clough
4 Star

With a distinctive national dress, drink, bagpipe music, landscape and folklore, Scotland has shaped an identity recognisable the world over. It is a land of astonishing contrasts and possesses a magical quality, whether seen shrouded in mist or rising majestic above the mirror of a loch. This guide covers Scotland's varied countryside, from the mountains and moorlands in the north to the rounded, grass-covered hills of the Lowlands in the south. With both Edinburgh and Glasgow comprehensively explored.    View Details

The Glory Of Scotland - 3 DVD boxed set
0 Star

Three titles showcasing the country's sights, culture and attractions: WHISTLE STOP EDINBURGH - tour around Edinburgh, the sights that make the city one of Europe's most popular destinations. ON THE WHISKY TRAIL - appreciate the finer points of the golden tipple. GREAT SCOTTISH SINGALONG - the best of Scottish traditional music mixed with scenes of some of the country's best-loved beauty spots. Includes 'Auld Lang Syne', 'Flower Of Scotland', 'The Willow Tree' and many more.    View Details

Visions Of Scotland DVD
0 Star

This DVD is a thrilling tour of Scotlands historic and picturesque destinations from the heather-clad hills of the Highlands to the low-lying borderlands, shot in high definition from a helicopter-mounted camera and set to regional music with informative narration. This journey through great glens, stunning waterways, sacred abbeys, hardy fishing ports and craggy heights showcases a bright, legendary land like never before.    View Details
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Scotland From The Air DVD

Scotland the Autobiography: 2,000 Years of Scottish History

The Rough Guide to Scottish Highlands and Islands

The Invention of Scotland: Myth and History
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