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TV Cream's Toys: Presents You Pestered Your Parents for by Steve Berry
5 Star

Lavishly illustrated and with over 300 colour photographs, TV Cream Toys celebrates the presents that we hoped, wished and prayed would turn up in the Christmas stockings of yesteryear. From Big Trak to Buckaroo!, Mastermind to Merlin, Sorry! to Strawberry Shortcake, each peerless plaything from the '60s through to the '90s is examined and catalogued. Culled from award-winning retro website TV Cream, this book lists a wealth of fondly remembered toys, games, and novelties.    View Details

Making Mad Toys & Mechanical Marvels in Wood by Rodney Frost
5 Star

Rodney Frost's collection of playful mechanical contraptions will captivate anyone who operates them - and they'll entice the creative woodworker too, because these whirligigs are as much fun to make as to manoeuvre. The secret to these movable marvels: propellers and other action-filled parts made from wood or metal. Full-size schematics and drawings, plus detailed written instructions, will guide woodworkers smoothly through building, carving, and assembling.    View Details

Making Heirloom Toys by Jim Makowicki
5 Star

This guide includes a collection of toys that can be cherished for generations to come. Suitable for anyone interested in making their own toys, the step-by-step projects range from the simple to more complex.    View Details

Fingers on Buzzers! [Interactive DVD]
4 Star

Fingers On Buzzers is a multi-remote game for the entire family. The game contains four infra-red multi-buzzers, which are compatible with all DVD players. No more passing around of the remote control as now you can buzz in against your family and friends! Whether youíre a bubbly kid, a surly teen, a hip dad or a groovy granny, the slick graphics, tongue-in-cheek humour and playability of Fingers On Buzzers means it's the ideal DVD game for anyone hungry to test their mental agility.    View Details

The Ultimate British Pub Quiz 2 - Interactive DVD Game
3 Star

With over 2,000 different pub quiz questions! The Ultimate British Pub Quiz 2 DVD brings the nationís favourite pub-related pastime to your front-room! Over 2000 all new video, photo and text questions that are spoken out loud for ease of play on subjects like sport, TV, trivia, history and much, much more. Test yourselves with family and friends to see who is the true general knowledge champion with The Ultimate British Pub Quiz 2. Play on your own, or in teams. 3 difficulty levels to choose from.    View Details
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