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Travelling the World


Work Your Way Around the World (Paperback) by Susan Griffi
5 Star

The 14th edition of the guide for the working traveller that explains how to find temporary work around the world not only in advance but also when on the spot while travelling. It incorporates hundreds of first-hand accounts from people who have actually done the jobs with a mass of hard factual information to offer authoritative advice on how to find work from selling ice cream in Cape town to working as a film extra in Bangkok. Includes a country-by-country guide to work opportunities.    View Details

Landmarks of the World (Hardcover) by Bill Price
5 Star

A beautifully illustrated and detailed guide, Landmarks of the World takes the reader on a magnificent journey across the globe, spanning both past and present to explore some of the most famous sites on the planet. Whether recognized as supreme examples of human creativity, for their outstanding natural beauty, or for their functional or symbolic significance, each incredible place has its own fascinating story to tell. Some tell epic tales of triumph and of loss, others of lavish wealth or humble beauty.    View Details

Travel: Where to Go When by Craig (ed) Doyle
5 Star

Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Travel guides can be seen clutched in many touristsí hands across the world, and rightly so. If Travel: Where to Go When is designed to be pored over at home rather taken en voyage that has allowed the publishers to produce a handsome, large-scale volume guaranteed to set you dreaming of exotic faraway places. This is the perfect holiday planner, concentrating on the world's most desirable travel locations, with specific attention paid to when it is best to visit them.    View Details
 Diving around the World

Dive Atlas of the World (Hardcover) by Jack Jackson
4 Star

This fully updated global guide to the world's top dive sites is an inspirational reference source for divers who wish to experience, personally or vicariously, the best diving the planet has to offer. Conservation is an important theme and the text is sensitive to conservation projects and issues. In addition to comprehensive mapping, the book features carefully selected superb quality underwater photography showing famous wrecks, a wide range of marine habitats and a huge diversity of species.    View Details

Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die: the World's Greatest Destinations
4 Star

In "Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die" Chris Santella has invited diving experts from around the world to share some of their favorite destinations, so ardent divers can experience these underwater wonders for themselves--either on location in their SCUBA gear, or at home in their armchair. The book takes divers from hot-spot destinations like Raja Ampat (off the coast of West Guinea) to old Caribbean favorites like Grand Cayman Isles.    View Details
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Exploring the Ancient World by Dr. Paul Bahn

Dream Destinations: The World's 100 Greatest Places to Vacation

The Americas: Where to Go When by Craig Doyle
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