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Wines and Spirits


The World Atlas of Wine (Hardcover) by Hugh Johnson
5 Star

A global best-seller. More than 47,000 copies of the 5th edition sold through Bookscan in the UK alone. Completely updated to reflect the huge changes in the world of wine in the last 6 years. Refreshed design - brand new full colour photographs and revised maps. Guaranteed promotion from the world's greatest wine duo, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson. A must-have book for general wine lovers and wine trade professionals alike.    View Details

The Oxford Companion to Wine by Jancis Robinson
5 Star

A detailed, comprehensive, single-volume work of reference covering the whole world of wines. From geology and soil chemistry, through forestry and the nature of the different woods used for barrels and the harvesting of cork bark, to the cultivation of the vine, its training and pruning, and the techniques of fermentation; the list extends even into areas of cutting-edge science such as DNA fingerprinting (which finally in 1997 unravelled the mystery of the parentage of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape).    View Details

The Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia: Classic Wines of the World by T Stevenson
5 Star

Tom Stevenson's new edition of his Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia is a formidable achievement, putting him up there among the gurus--Jancis Robinson, Oz Clarke, Hugh Johnson. Comprehensive information about all aspects of wine, in a beautifully clear structure and layout. It's wonderfully illustrated, too, with many evocative pictures of vineyards and wineries around the world.    View Details

The Wine And Vineyards Of Burgundy - DVD
0 Star

A detailed guide to wine growing and wine production in Burgundy. Includes visits to some famous vineyards and advice on finding the best Burgundy wine. 2 DVD's.
   View Details

Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure: Complete BBC Series 1 & 2 Box Set DVD
5 Star

Wine-writer Oz Clarke (FOOD AND DRINK) and James May (TOP GEAR) present this comedic travelogue. Features all episodes from the show's first series, road-tripping through France, and second series, journeying through the vineyards of California.
   View Details
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Questions of Taste: The Philosophy of Wine - J Robinson
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