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Ladies Fashion and Accessories


100 Years of Fashion Illustration (Paperback) by Cally Blackman
5 Star

A visual feast of 400 dazzling images, this is a comprehensive survey of the genre over the last century. The book also offers an overview of the development of fashion, as seen through the eyes of the greatest illustrators of the day. It is an invaluable resource for art and fashion professionals and a beautiful design object for consumers everywhere.    View Details

Costume in Detail: Women's Dress, 1730-1930 by Nancy Bradfield
5 Star

With 370 drawings and highly detailed studies, this is an invaluable source of reference for information to all those concerned with period dress, history and the theatre. These studies are entirely from private collections; only a mere handful have ever been exhibited or seen by the general public. Several are too frail or too soiled ever to be put on view and for that reason, they have been studied in detail before their delicate charm is rotted away and lost to us for all time.    View Details

New Fashion Figure Templates (Paperback) by Patrick John Ireland
4 Star

The essential book for any fashion student or designer. Over 200 figure templates: figures in movement, with attitude and in classic elegant poses - from a variety of angles, full-length poses, three-quarter length poses, back views and front-on poses. It covers templates for men, women, teens and children. The figures may be copied or photocopied and enlarged from the book or used as a guide to develop your own illustrations. A very useful tool for fashion students and designers.    View Details
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Four Hundred Years of Fashion (Paperback) by Natalie Rothstein
5 Star

Illustrations are wide-ranging from the magnificent 18th-century mantua, sumptuously embroidered with silver thread and worn at the Court of George II, to Vivienne Westwood's psychedelic punk design. With over 200 illustrations, the book covers clothes for all occasions. It includes a wide range of fashion accessories: shoes, fans, undergarments and hats. It will be indispensable for students and anyone with an interest in fashion.    View Details

Fashion Design by Sue Jenkyn Jones
5 Star

The first book to offer a thorough grounding in the principles of fashion design. It describes how to become a fashion designer, examines the career opportunities available and gives a balanced inside view of the fashion business today. Its broad, up-to-date approach unites history, theory and practice. Subjects covered: how to interpret a project; building a collection; choosing fabric; fit, cutting and making techniques; portfolio presentation, and fashion marketing and economics.    View Details
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